Event Report: Bala Reliability Trial Re-Run, April 1st 2017

Event Report: Bala Reliability Trial Re-Run, April 1st 2017

A fascinating and enjoyable weekend awaited all 34 entrants for this great event, starting with receiving the instructions at the Gorwelion Centre in Bala and returning back there for tea after everyone had experienced the rigorous trial of navigating over 100 miles of Snowdonia roads using maps and attempting to read signposts written in Welsh. This recreation caused everyone to think what a challenge this must have been to all the original entrants in 1907.

The weekend proved to be an excellent social gathering as well as a marvellous tour of all those superbly located towns and villages . Despite some heavy rain overnight and early on the day itself, the weather proved quite fine during the run which helped everyone appreciate the stunning scenery of mountains, lakes and rolling hills.

A number of tasks were required to complete the run and receive the commemorative mugs and certificate. These were designed to show that passage to all the nominated places had been achieved together with records of mileage covered and fuel used. Jerry and Miriam Targett took pride of place with their 1929 MG 18/80 as the oldest car entered, adding to the variety of other entrants in their MG’s, Morgans, Porsches, Jaguars, Triumphs, Mazda’s, Lotus’s and so on.

Some really superb machinery as can be seen from the photo taken outside the Gorwelion Centre.

A more detailed report will be available in a future MAC News edition.