Roundabout Run Report

Roundabout Run Report

The morning dawned bright with a good forecast for the day. A full entry of 50 cars had been accepted for this run although many potential entries had to be turned away for logistical reasons!

This event broke new ground for us in that it used the same venue for both the start and finish in the form of The Twisted Spoon at Upton Snodsbury. This was an excellent choice by the organisers not least because the coffee and bacon baps in the morning were delicious but also because the owner and staff were very enthusiastic and helpful (not easy when you are working on a Sunday morning ).This positive approach was replicated at the end of the day when cream teas were served.

After the usual cheery signing on with Gail and Alexa we had time to meet up with old friends and catch up on news since we last took part on an” MAC Tour “( we know all reports say this but it is always a pleasure ).

In too short a time (note to self “must get to the starts earlier”) it was our turn to get going and out into the sunshine. This was lovely, embarking on a tour through beautiful countryside and views to match on quiet roads embracing what seemed like all of the best roads skirting such places as Pershore, Elmley Castle The Combertons and one of our favourites –Cleeve Hill. We even got close to a past MAC tour start at the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway!

On arrival at the “Halfway Point “(which was the focus of the trip) Bourton on the Water, The organisers had played an Ace in arranging our own exclusive parking area at the Cotswold School and Leisure centre.
From here it was only a short walk into the town centre of Bourton which was not surprisingly (being a sunny Sunday) pretty full of tourists.

However refreshments were easily found and we were” fuelled up” for the return run.

A sensible decision had been made in planning the return route to be somewhat simpler (but still attractive) and direct and we were soon sitting down to the cream teas and another social occasion.
Without prompting certain owners with same car makes and models parked together in the pub car park and this was a nice touch. Sadly we had no one to park next to!
We were not surprised during our excursion to see other classic cars on a different “Run” using the area around the Cotswolds which reaffirms the popularity of classic car ownership and the enjoyment of usage of cars from past times.

We liked the concept of using the same venue for both the start and finish but it is appreciated that this concept is not practical in every case. We loved the enthusiasm and attention of the owner and staff of The Twisted Spoon and the weather was just a bonus.

Thank you to all involved in the organising of this Event (again ).

Jen & Mike Meakin