Cycle Hill Climb and Cyclo X

Cycle Hill Climb and Cyclo X

Worcester St Johns and Wyre Forest Cycling Event
1st October 2017

The annual Cycle Hill Climb and Cyclo Cross challenge took place at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, on the 1st October, organised and run by the Worcester St Johns Cycle Club and Wyre Forest Cycle Club.
With predicted weather of rain all day, once again Shelsley’s micro-climate delivered altogether a reasonably dry day.

The challenge of the famous Shelsley Walsh hill was all set and ready for the timed cycle runs. The hill climbs began at 11.10am and were over by 11.50am. The cyclists took to the hill with great courage and every cyclist made it to the top with great speed. The overall winner of the day for the quickest time went to Jonathan Morris, who reached the top in a time of two minutes and fifty-four seconds.

Opposite the hill the large field was marked out to create a trail of 1.6miles for the Cyclo Cross competitors to take part in. Along with the natural obstacles of hill, mud and bends the trail had extra challenges of upright planks of wood, meaning cyclists had to carry their bikes over the wood before continuing with the gruelling track. Each round was dedicated to different categories. The best placed Worcester St Johns Cycle Club rider went to Vince Page, who competed in the Vet 50 class. He finished fourth in the category, with a time of forty three minutes and eighteen seconds.

The contrast in the two events was great to see. All the cyclists took on the events with great confidence and power and it was fantastic to see what was achieved by all.

Thank you to Rick Allen and David Jennings for organising the day. We look forward to welcoming you back to Shelsley Walsh next year when we also have the National Hill Climb Cycle event, at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb on the 28th October 2018.