October Breakfast Club Report

October Breakfast Club Report

What a fantastic way to end a very successful breakfast club season…the weather reverted back to its warm, sunny norm, in stark comparison to last month’s meet that experienced an unusually wet morning, and hundreds of sport, classic and enthusiast vehicles flocked into the paddock for the crowd to enjoy.

An open bonnet display generated a great deal of interest to those wanting to see the inner workings, and gave an opportunity for the visitors to see such an interesting feature of the cars that is so often hidden from view.

Jaguar, BMW, Daimler, TVR and Sunbeam amongst other, lifted their bonnets to reveal detailed engine bays that drew both crowds and camera lenses. Parked in front of the barn was the pretty Fiat Dino, one of only 240 produced, with its 2400cc Ferrari V6 engine, together with its fellow red Italian drop-head the early Alfa Romeo spider, with its all alloy, Giuseppe Busso designed twin cam engine that Alfa fitted to its road cars for over 40 years. Parked nearby and proving to be an interesting contrast was the Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer with its flat 12 cylinder, 5litre 360bhp engine and the Harniman Honda NSX with its fuel injected VTEC 3 litre, 270bhp, V6 engine 19 years the Ferraris junior.

Porsches old and new, air and water cooled, gathered on triangle with the 964 Carrera 2, rubbing shoulders with a 2014 991 GT3 under the trees. Morgans, MGs, Triumph were all well represented with other rarities such as Jensen Healey, a Jaguar XJ220 and Lamborghini making an appearance.

The fantastic quality of restoration, preparation of the vehicles and spirit of the drivers attending the meets throughout the year have been commented on by staff and visitors alike. The effort involved in maintaining and caring for these prized vehicles should not be underestimated and our thanks go to the owners for sharing their pride and joy. The club would also like to thank the volunteers that help out all year and without who’s assistance the meeting would be nigh on impossible to arrange and coordinate.

The 2018 Breakfast Club dates will be published shortly on the website and a number of new features are being planned to add to the enjoyment of the morning.