Classic Nostalgia Traffic Management

The Midland Automobile Club ask for your help in the flow of traffic in and out of the venue during Classic Nostalgia.

The traffic management below is to help guide you to the correct Gate and Car Park.

GATE A – For all competitors to load and unload prior to the meeting

GATE B – Pedestrian access to Car Parks 1, 2 and 3, Classic Cars, Food Court, Tradestands, and hill.

GATE C – Access to Car Park 1 and 2, Classic Car Forward Parking, Stratstone and Pre Paid

GATE D – Access to Car Park 3 for Public Parking from Stanford Bridge Direction.

GATE E – Access for Competitors, Marshals, Officials, Disabled Parking

GATE F – Access to Members Car Park, The Orchard.

GATE G – Access to Car Park 4 for Public Parking from Martley Direction

GATE H – Exit for Competitors only.

GATE I – Access to Competitors Parking only

We would really appreciate your help in following the signage to ease any congestion in the narrow lanes.

Thank You