Hill Climbing


In its simplest form hill climbing is a competition to get from the bottom of the hill to the top as quick as you can.

In relation to Shelsley Walsh that is 1000yards with a 1:7 rise at its steepest point with drivers reaching speeds of up to 140mph.

A major hill climb may have an entry of more than 150 drivers, but the event is usually a qualifying round of more than one competition.

Some drivers (especially drivers of less powerful cars) will not be entered for the British Championship itself.

Those who are, and who record a time in the top twelve of all those eligible, compete in a “run-off” at the end of each set of class runs (there are two such sets of class runs at each event). In a run-off, drivers tackle the hill in reverse order of their qualifying times, although where two drivers share a car, the slower qualifier competes at the start of the run-off session.

The person who sets the fastest time receives 10 British Championship points, the second-fastest driver nine, and so on down to the tenth-placed driver, who gets one. The 11th and 12th-placed drivers, and any who fail to complete the course, receive no points. An extra point is given to any driver in the run-off who breaks the outright hill record as it stood at the beginning of the day.

The dates for this years hill climb meetings are:

Speed Into Spring
5th May 2018
6th May 2018

British Racing Green
2nd June 2018
3rd June 2018

Open Test Day
16th June 2018 

Midsummer Madness
17th June 2018 

Reg Philips Trophy Meeting
30th June 2018 

1st July 2018 

Classic Nostalgia
28th July 2018
29th July 2018

Championship Challenge
11th August 2018
12th August 2018 

Autumn Speed Finale
15th September 2018
16th September 2018