Hill Record


As Shelsley Walsh is the World’s oldest motor sport venue in continuous use, it follows that the outright hill record is the oldest track record of all. Despite over a century of speed history, the venue also looks to the future and yet more record breaking. The Shelsley Walsh hill record is the blue riband of speed records and is still the one they all want to beat. From Ernest Instone in 1905 through to the shatteringly fast 22.58 second run of current holder Martin Groves, the Shelsley Walsh record is still there to be challenged and this page will be updated whenever the record falls. At the end of the 2014 season, the hill records still stands at 22.58 as set by Martin Groves in 2008

22.58 Seconds, Martin Groves, 17th August 2008

At the Peter Collins Celebration meeting on Sunday 17th August 2008 Martin Groves again demonstrated that he is the master of Shelsley Walsh by taking a fantastic 0.13 seconds out of his previous record to leave the time for the most historic track record of them all at an astonishing 22.58 seconds. Can he go even quicker in 2009?

22.71 Seconds, Martin Groves, 1st June 2008

With an incredible 22.71sec run Martin Groves sensationally broke the outright record at the historic Shelsley Walsh hill in the first of the days run-offs.

22.81 Seconds, Martin Groves, 7th October 2007

Martin Groves clinched the outright Shelsley record during the final meeting of the 2007 British Hill Climb Championship season when in cool conditions he beat the previous mark of Scott Moran by 0.02 seconds to re-establish himslef as the fastest person to ever ascent Shelsley Walsh. It was a mark of Groves’ determination to take his third British title at the front of the pack rather than playing safe for a second or a third. Stunning numbers…

  • 1st 64 feet 1.94 seconds
  • Kennel 5.57
  • Ess Approach 140
  • Bottom S time 14.47
  • Top S exit speed 86 mph
  • Finish speed 147 mph
  • Time 22.81

22.83 Seconds, Scott Moran 3rd June 2007

Scott Moran is the new outright lowered the outright Shelsley record on June 3rd 2007 to an incredible 22.83 seconds. The day saw the record tumble by an incredible 0.92 of a second as previous mark holder Martin Groves and Moran battled non stop through the class runs and then both run offs.

23.75 Seconds, Martin Groves, 20th August 2006

20th August 2006 and Martin Groves sped to the new outright record for Shelsley Walsh in 23.75 seconds taking 0.02 off his previous mark set at the same meeting in 2005. Groves was running as the last runner in the first Top 12 Run Off of the day for British Championship points. “I wanted to go last as I wanted to see what Scott Moran’s time was. Once I saw that he was pushing hard, I knew I had to go for the win to keep my lead in the championship. I also knew that I had a 4th gear in that was not ideally to my liking as the best one was damaged. That is the gear used between Kennel and Crossing. My split was 15.09 seconds to the Bottom S, 0.09 slower than I went in June 2006, but the Top S had more grip today than in June, so I got the time back up to the line.” “I am so happy to have taken the record for a third time, and more importantly, retain it for over a year now.”

23.77 Seconds, Martin Groves , August 2005

Martin Groves lowered his Shelsley Walsh record during the August meeting 2005 from 23.86 to a stunning 23.77 seconds. Groves had already wrapped up the 2005 Speed hill climb title two weeks before, but still drove like the wind, winning the run off by 0.99 seconds. In front of a packed house, Groves had made some modifications to the car since his June record, but even so found out that it was ‘about as fast as it’ll go!’

23.86 Seconds, Martin Groves, June 2005

The Shelsley record was taken in June 2005 by Martin Groves in his 3.5 litre V8 Gould. He is the fastest man ever to ascend the 100 year old hill, beating the previous record set by Adam Fleetwood of 23.87 from August 2004. For Groves it was his first drive at Shelsley in, for him, a new car for the 2005 season, but that did not stop him winning the morning run off by over one second. It was a historic day for the hill and for Groves who took his first outright record on hill in the British Hill Climb Championship. Groves got people’s attention in the Clubman’s class driving with enormous bravado and car control that cleared the bars whenever he went up the hill. That immediately transferred over to the 2 litre single seater class in Alan Warburton’s Dallara, and then into the big unlimited class with the ATOL and then the ‘Gulf’ Gould of 2004. Sharing the car with Paul Ranson, Groves continues to dominate this year’s British Hill Climb Championship throughout the UK. Something that he is sure to do when the championship returns to Shelsley Walsh on August 20th. Another record? You’d better believe it.

23.87 Seconds, Adam Fleetwood

Once again Adam Fleetwood lowered the Shelsley Walsh benchmark giving us the first sub 24 sec run in the hills history. He showed his intent in Saturday practice by going under his existing record and in the class runs on Sunday morning he came good with 23.87 secs. Half an hour later he delivered another sub 24 in the class runs winning with a time of 23.92 to take the first of the days two British Hillclimb Championship run off. A wet and slippery track in the afternoon put paid to the further lowering of the record for the day.

24.08 Seconds, Adam Fleetwood, 6th June 2004

Adam Fleetwood is the outright Shelsley Walsh record holder after setting a time of 24.08 seconds on June 6th 2004.

24.56 Seconds, Graeme Wright Jr, 8th June 2003

Graeme Wight Jnr holds the outright record at Shelsley Walsh with the fastest ever ascent of the 1000 yard hill. He did this on June 8th 2003 with his Gould GR55 2.5 litre V6. When will the next record go? June 2004 looks to be hot favourite with Adam Fleetwood in his similar 3.3 V8 car knocking on the door to go into the record books.

24.85 seconds, Graeme Wright Jr, 2nd June 2002

Graeme Wight Junior sped to the first ever sub 25 second run of Shelsley Walsh on Sunday 2nd June 2002 with a 24.85 second run in the first Top 12 run off of the day. Up the hill he struck sparks at the Kink but it was a little slower through there than earlier, but the display then said it all, 24.85 seconds. The first time that anybody had ever broken 25 seconds… Returning down the hill he was jubilant, punching the air and waving to the throng of spectators. The car took no further part in the meeting after it broke it’s differential in the afternoon, but at the end of the meeting Wight Junior was awarded a cheque from Reg Phillips for £1000 presented by Stirling Moss for the first driver to do a 24 second run. A perfect day at the best hill climb in the world. A gentleman of a driver, and a Motor Racing hero to witness it.



A1 – Vic Lord, Lotus Elise, 1796cc, 33.09 secs, 02.06.13

A2 – Roy Standley, Mitsubishi Lancer, 2298Tcc, 30.49 secs, 06.05.17

B1 – Darren Luke, Caterham 7 Hayabusa, 1548cc, 29.38 secs,19.8.12

C1 – Tim Dennis, Mini Cooper, 1380cc, 32.76 secs, 04.05.14

C2 – Keith Murray, Audi 80 Quattro, 1415Tcc, 29.03 secs, 18.08.13

C3 – Roger Banks, Audi S4, 4200Tcc, 28.71 secs, 21.8.11

D – Les Mutch, Dax Rush 1RS, 2500cc, 28.95 secs, 21.8.11

F – Rob Stevens, Force SR4, 1300Scc, 25.74 secs, 21.8.11

G – Rob Stevens, Force SR4, 1440Scc, 25.59 secs, 02.06.13

H1 – HISTORICS – Free fuel Tim Cameron, Cooper MK. 2, 500cc, 34.01 secs. 2.7.89 Pump fuel Steve Lawrence, Cooper Mk. 8, 500cc, 37.65 secs, 17.8.03

H2 – Brodie Branch, Marengo 3, 599cc 28.33 secs, 21.8.11 I – Brodie Branch, Force PC, 999cc, 26.09 secs, 01.6.08

J1 – Andrew Henson, Van Diemen RF91 FF 1600cc, 33.26 secs, 19.8.12

J2 – Jos Goodyear, GWR Raptor, 1595cc, 24.16 secs, 19.8.12

K1 – John Chalmers, Ralt FC02, 2000cc, 25.16 secs, 21.08.11

K2 – Jos Goodyear, GWR Raptor, 1340cc, 22.86 secs, 17.08.14

L – Martin Groves, Gould GR55B NME, 3500cc, 23.15 secs, 17.08.08

M – Richard Jones, Brabham BT29X, 1800cc, 29.02 secs, 17.08.14

N – Andrew Henson, Ralt R1, 26.73 secs, 16.08.09