Classic Nostalgia 2019

This year’s Classic Nostalgia will be remembered for two things: the fabulous atmosphere in the paddock and on the hill throughout the weekend and also the weather forecast coming into the weekend with the amount of rain that fell that week. Indeed, some events locally were cancelled while we prepared but in the end the sunshine was warm and strong before that damn rain came for the second year in a row. We may have been unlucky with some meetings of late but there was much fun had and memories made. The action was on and off the race track with lots going on but for the record books, Best Time of Day on Saturday was taken by Richard Brown in his Mallock MK17 achieving 31.25 seconds while ho

Classic Nostalgia goes back in time at Shelsley Walsh

Group B, Group A and World Rally Cars starring Classic Nostalgia is raring to go this weekend at Shelsley Walsh with a full entry of cool cars dating from the 1920s to turn of the century rally cars that will turn heads even when standing still. The Teme Valley will be in full swing whatever your favourite era as celebrations of The Italian Job film will run through the venue as they try and escape with the gold from the Turin bank job in the back of the bus thanks to the Minis working their magic through the back streets. “You’re only supposed to blow the *&$£@ doors off!” Will the bus be left hanging on the edge of a cliff? The cars on the hill differentiate slightly each day but classes i

Spedding Speeds to the Win at Shelsley

Richard Spedding won his first ever Shelsley Walsh at the Best of British weekend with a stunning time of 23.88 seconds set on the very last run of the day as he wowed the crowds in his small and svelte GWR Raptor with a quite incredible 1340cc supercharged engine. With a track that wasn’t quite dry the bravery of all of the runners throughout Sunday was a testament to their commitment and belief in the speed and agility of their modern hill climb cars. “I never knew what it meant to win at Shelsley until I crossed the line and saw that I’d won. It’s so special to do it here and now I’ve done it, it means so much. It was almost a shock as the favourites are the favourites and I’ve never cons

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