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Shelsley Walsh became a magnet for rally fans around the region who turned up in their droves to see two stages of the Roger Albert Clarke Rally, one of which included a downhill section with chicanes and a 90 degree left turn into the car park at ‘Kennel’. And they were rewarded with a beautiful sunny Autumn morning.

Such was the popularity that the car park filled up completely and necessitated the opening of an overflow area in the Competitor’s car park opposite Church Lane.

Rally enthusiasts are a hardy crowd and we knew we were in for something special when a small queue formed at just after 7am and another queue formed at the restaurant forcing Trefor to open early for teas and bacon butties.

A great day with well behaved spectators and something that we would happily entertain in the future. This event is run on a biennial basis so we would not have the chance until 2019.

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