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Austin Minis rule at school

Entrants at the 21st May driving school didn’t disappoint. The usual wide array of vehicles graced the sun-soaked hill for our second school of 2019 and their pilots were on the ball from the start.

Commentary hut windows shook with every passing of the mighty Ballamy Ford V8 Special of Mark Brett, who did very well hustling the beast up the hill.

Some of our regular attendees came back to brush up their lines ready for later this season; always a good tactic if you compete in a roadgoing car and have a Tuesday free (see website for availability).

Best novice was Nick Wakefield who wowed with his bike-engined Caterham, which was surprisingly quick despite its mere 660cc capacity.

Curiously, our most improved entrant was a seasoned circuit racer who managed to tame one of the Austin Minis. Bill Sollis showed the greatest difference in score between marked runs by wrestling the torque steer away from his mate Davids’ Cooper S.

Overall winner of the day was another Austin Mini driver, Richard Freye, who used his more youthful, and less experienced Mini to great effect and posted the highest score of the day, by following the advised lines and demonstrating consistent car control.

Thanks to Sarah in the MAC office for undertaking the considerable administrative work involved in getting the 2019 school term ready, and overseeing the handover to Amanda going forward. If you fancy bringing your road car along to challenge the hill then pop along to the website.

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