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Shelsley Walsh 2020 Event Update

Following the recent announcements by Motorsport UK to restart motorsport, we are pleased to announce that the first event of 2020 to be held at Shelsley Walsh will take place on 25/26 July.

The Summer Spree weekend has been held every year and we believe this will be a popular event for competitors who have been waiting patiently to go racing again. Entries for this event have therefore reopened, so anyone that is part of the championships listed will be eligible to submit an entry, the closing date for which is 29 June. Those who have already entered have their entries still in place.

Unfortunately, due to the social distancing rules that are still in place, the event will be held behind closed doors without spectators while there will be restrictions on the number of people that can attend per entry.

The team at Shelsley Walsh are currently finalising detailed plans for the 25/26 July weekend so please keep an eye out for further announcements about this event.

As this is the first event we are able to hold this year, it unfortunately means that events that were due to take place before 25 July will not be held. We are therefore working on a revised schedule for the remainder of the season that we will announce as soon as details are confirmed.

Please bear in mind we are on limited staffing levels at present, so keep an eye out for further announcements through our Shelsley Walsh email list and all our three social media channels.

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