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Shelsley Walsh 2020 Events - FAQs

Following our announcement last week that we are moving towards running a competitive hill climb at Shelsley Walsh over the weekend of 25/26 July, we just thought we’d cover a few frequently asked questions that many of you have asked.


Do you have a permit for the meeting?

Yes, we have the permits from Motorsport UK to run the meeting.

Can I camp or bring my motorhome for the night?

We are working hard on how we’ll manage people on the day within Government social distancing guidelines. At the present time, these guidelines restrict camping so regrettably there’s no camping overnight at Shelsley. You can bring whatever tow vehicle you wish for the day, but you can’t sleep in it overnight at Shelsley.

I entered another event at Shelsley so can I transfer that entry over to the 25/26 July weekend?

This can be done on an event by event basis by contacting the office through email, but please bear in mind that we are working with limited resources at the moment.

Why are there no spectators allowed?

Government guidelines currently restrict the number of people that can gather together. In addition, the narrow paths alongside the track at Shelsley are not wide enough in many places for people to pass more than two metres apart so it is not possible for us meet the guidelines. If the Government and Motorsport UK in the coming weeks change the social distancing and behind closed-door rules, we will let you know but we are sure that you would agree that following the Government guidelines is the correct and responsible approach.

What plans are there for other weekends at Shelsley Walsh in 2020?

Following our announcement about Summer Spree, we are now working on a revised schedule of events where we hope to add more race meetings to this year’s existing programme. Full details on these events will be announced in due course once we have secured permits from Motorsport UK.

Can you live stream the weekend’s action?

We already have hard-wired CCTV that we used last year to film complete runs on the hill but it’s a further step up to live stream this. We’ve got to get a few other things in place but we’re keen to find a solution.

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