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AGM for the Midland Automobile Club

This years AGM will be held at Shelsley Walsh in the wooden barn on 17th September at 7pm. The board of the MAC is being reduced to five directors and this will be your opportunity to choose who those five people will be. There will also be an election to determine the president of the club. It will be your opportunity to look at the new articles of association the board proposes with probably the most important change being to limit the terms any chairman or president can occupy their post. Other detailed changes are included to modernise the way the club is run.

In order to allow many more members to participate this year there will be a full electronic vote. This will open on the 27th August and close on 10th of September. All eligible voters will be sent a link, by email, to a secure site to cast your votes. You can only vote online or in person, not both.

People who wish to vote by proxy can do that in the traditional manner by contacting the office.

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