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The new King of Shelsley has been crowned when Sean Gould seared up the world’s oldest motorsport venue to take the outright hill record in a simply mesmerising 22.37 seconds, smashing the previous mark set by Martin Groves in 2008. Sunday 15th August saw four hill records tumble as Alex Summers and Wallace Menzies also dipped underneath the Groves record that was the longest standing record ever in the 116 years of Shelsley Walsh. Nicola Menzies also drove fantastically and set a new Ladies record too in the Gould GR55 with 24.70 seconds.

Never before has there been as big a cheer from the crowd at Shelsley during a Top 12 Run Off when the records tumbled with first Menzies going to 22.55, then Gould with 22.37 and finally Summers with 22.52 creating an electric atmosphere the likes of which has not been felt around the Teme Valley since the 30 second barrier was broken in 1971 and then the 25 second barrier that was broken in 2002.

Many other drivers set their personal bests in front of a huge crowd who were free to go trackside up the hill and also into the paddock as a return to ‘normal’ was embraced by all.

Here at Shelsley Walsh we though we’d though we’d share some photos from a fabulous day on the hill during this truly golden age of hill climbing with different cars and a stellar line up of drivers.

Our next event on the hill is over the weekend of September 18th and 19th with two one day meetings that will have practice not he morning and racing against the clock in the afternoon.

Thanks to Rob MacDonald, Tom Gay, Dennis Rushton, Jamie Bufton, Stuart Wing and Shelsley Walsh Instagram for the photos.

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