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Prime Minister’s Roadmap out of Lockdown

Following the announcement from the Prime Minster with regards to the easing of lockdown in England, and Tuesdays note from Motorsport UK, I wanted to write to you to advise how this will affect club activities and events at Shelsley Walsh.

Motorsport UK have confirmed they will be issuing permits from 29th March, so we are pleased to advise that competition events will resume at Shelsley as previously scheduled on our website. Entries for these events have already opened online and our thanks go to those of you who have already entered events.

In addition to this, we are also now awaiting further advice from Motorsport UK on restart guidelines and any affect this may have on how events are run and managed, but we expect these to initially be in line with the very effective measures taken during the 2020 season.

As far as spectators are concerned, we will be working with the local authorities to build on the comprehensive work carried out last year making the spectator areas as COVID safe as possible, but please keep in touch via our website and social media channels where fresh information will be published as the situation becomes clearer.

The bigger events scheduled for after 21st June are being planned to be as close to normal as possible including access to the paddock. I must stress that this is fully dependent on the progress of the government’s program.

For our members events, such as breakfast club, some have regrettably had to be cancelled, but we are looking at the new regulations and deadlines to minimise any affect on what we can offer throughout the rest of 2021.

As a board, your directors are focused in ensuring that membership of the MAC remains high value for money.

Finally, may I thank you for your continuing support of the Club during the pandemic. Whilst 2020 was an extraordinarily hard year, the MAC GBOT team were the spearhead that kept hill climbing alive and kicking. It will come as no surprise that once again that team are pressing forward to ensure that both Members and Competitors are able to enjoy our sport in 2021.

I look forward to seeing you at Shelsley Walsh

Antony Harper


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