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Speed into Spring – Affect of Government COVID regulation change

We are immensely disappointed to have to let you know that following new Government guidance issued on Tuesday, which placed a specific ban on spectators at all sport events held on private land until 17 May, and as a consequence we regret to inform you that our opening event on the 1st and 2nd of May must now operate behind closed doors.

Whilst outdoor attractions like zoos and theme parks can reopen, and events such as agricultural shows, steam rallies and food festivals can take place with up to 4,000 visitors per day, a specific ban has been applied to spectators at sport events - even at grassroots level - until 17 May.

The MAC is incredibly disappointed by this development. The UK government is now actively encouraging people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, and Hill Climb venues such as Shelsley Walsh are by their very nature wide-open spaces like parks, with ample room to enable social distancing across dozens of spectator viewing areas. Nevertheless, we must comply with this new guidance.

Only competitors, officials , marshals and key staff will be allowed to attend on the 1st/2nd May within the “Motorsport Bubble” as was the case at our opening event in 2020.

We have already taken action to stream this event, as we did last year, so that you our members can still enjoy our sport, and our current intention is still to fully open the hill to both our membership and the public at the June “Best of British” event , when the British Hill Climb Championship makes a welcome return to Shelsley Walsh after an 18 month absence due to the pandemic.

Finally, both Breakfast Club and Cars in the Valley, and our driving school remain unaffected by this rule change and will proceed as planned.

Antony Harper


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