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The Rivers Academy Box Car Rally

Instead of the ‘Hum of engines’ in the Paddock, Tuesday the 12th July had a very different vibe indeed and was fantastic. 14 Schools with over 600 children descended into the Teme Valley from across South Birmingham and North Worcestershire and what a treat they had.

The day formed part of their Design and Technology curriculum where the year 6 pupils pulled together all 4 elements including Food Technology, Textiles, Structures and Mechanisms. All their learnings from the classroom where then brought into one project at the end.

All the cars were scrutineered by engineers from Worcester Bosch and a record of the day was recorded by Hay Fisher. The cars were tested over the lower reaches of the hill climb with gravity powering them all through the paddock too. The Midland Automobile Club were honoured to be part of this project and we look forward to hosting again next year which the school are already planning.

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