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2024 Season


Shelsley Walsh

Trade Stand Bookings 2024

Shelsley Walsh offers exhibitors the perfect opportunity to sell to the general public at all our main event weekends each season. 

Trade Stand Bookings 2024
Trade Stand Bookings 2024

Time & Location

2024 Season

Shelsley Walsh, Shelsley Walsh, Worcestershire, WR6 6RP

About The Event



Trade stands are located along the main walkway up the hill, in the main car park area


Standard size of a pitch is 6m x 3m. Larger pitches are available for an extra fee of £10 per meter. Please contact the office if you need a larger pitch. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide suitable shelter. No electricity or water is supplied by the venue.


Saturday and weekend exhibitors may set up on the Friday evening. Sunday exhibitors may set up on Saturday evening after the competition has finished.


To secure your pitch, payment will be required in advance upon placing your booking, by cheque, card or cash. The payment includes two admission wristbands, per day.


Please contact




The title declared on the application form shall at all times remain the title under which the Exhibitor will exhibit his/her products. In accordance with the Business Names Act 1985, all Exhibitors must display their Business Name in any place where they carry out their business and must display the Business Name on any receipts and/or order forms.

The TRADE STAND name and Web Address will be listed in the Event Programme unless otherwise instructed.


Under no circumstances will sub-letting of space be permitted.


Exhibitors are only permitted to sell the items listed on the Application Form unless prior agreement is made with the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to instruct any exhibitor to remove unauthorised products.

Trade stands must declare in detail what they will be selling, including what brands they are representing. No touting for business may be done or goods displayed beyond the front peg line or to the annoyance of your neighbours.


No single Exhibitor will receive exclusive rights for the sale of a particular commodity in the Event. The Organisers reserve the right to limit the space given to any single type of commodity.

Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate specific requests with regard to stand positions, the Midland Automobile Club reserves the right at its sole discretion to allocate all stands.


Exhibitors must adhere to all health and safety regulations, with particular reference to keeping public walkways and exits clear at all times. All products sold or displayed in the marquee must comply with current regulations. Listed below are some specific examples.


  • The Midland Automobile Club require a copy of your PAT test certificate. All electrical equipment must meet the necessary British Standard requirements, and total wattage must not exceed the stated 500 watts. Equipment not meeting the required standard, will be removed from the stands.
  • TOYS – All exhibitors must ensure that their products meet all current U.K. and E.U. regulations.
  • FOOD ITEMS – All exhibitors selling edible and consumable items must meet health and safety regulations laid down by the environmental health agency operating in the area of the event.

Organisers reserve the right of inspection by one of its officials or representatives of the Fire Prevention Officer of all gazebo’s or stands and the officials have authority to order that the use of the appliances or equipment be discontinued, if in their opinion, they constitute a danger.


Exhibitors are responsible for the good order, safety and cleanliness of their own stand. No signs, stands, fittings or products may project beyond the exhibitor’s frontage or obstruct an adjoining stand.


In the Event of Classic Nostalgia being postponed or abandoned or in the Event of failure or other circumstances beyond the control of the Organisers, the Organisers shall be under no liability in any way whatsoever in respect of any expenditure, liability, damage or loss sustained or incurred by Exhibitors.

In the Event of any Incident which precipitates the closure either in whole or part of the event, the Organisers will not be held responsible for any curtailment resulting in a possible reduction of sales or opportunity.


  • Exhibitors are required to produce satisfactory evidence that he/she has a Public liability Insurance Policy. The Policy must provide a minimum indemnity of £5,000,000 against any one claim or series of claims attributable to any one cause arising out of the Event or from the use of the Land or Premises.
  • Each Exhibitor shall assume complete responsibility for the insurance to cover the safety of him/herself, staff and property, before, during and after the event and make arrangements to guard against loss or damage.
  • The Exhibitor will assume responsibility for the erection and assembly of stand.
  • The exhibitor shall indemnify the Midland Automobile Club against all claims, damages or expenses whatsoever in any way arising out of the presence of the exhibitor or his/her exhibits at the event.
  • The Organisers its officers and staff shall not be responsible to any person whatsoever whilst upon the Event premises or whilst entering or leaving the same for personal injury fatal or otherwise suffered by such person unless due to any act of neglect by the Organisers or its servants.
  • Exhibitors will be wholly responsible for any claim or action in respect of any such injury suffered by any person or persons whom they may employ or engage.
  • The Organisers their officers and servants shall not be responsible to any person whatsoever for any damage theft or other loss however caused in respect of any exhibits or other property in transit to or from the Event or throughout the duration of the Event period day or night.
  • Exhibitors shall indemnify the Organisers from and against all claims and actions in respect of any personal injury whether fatal or otherwise, damage, theft or other loss which may be caused or occasioned in connection with the event and against all costs and proceedings arising there from.
  • The Organisers, their officers or staff shall not be in any way responsible or accountable for anything that may happen (from any cause or circumstances whatever) to visitors, members, exhibitors or their staff or to any trade stand, exhibit or property brought to or used at the Event unless due to any act of neglect by the Organisers or their servants.


The transportation and installation of all his exhibits shall be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor and the Organisers will not be held liable for any damage to or loss of Exhibitors’ property, effects or exhibition material. The foregoing clause shall also apply to the property and effects of any employee or servant of his whether or not they are in receipt of payment for such service. Exhibitors shall also be held responsible for any damage caused by them to any structures, fixtures and fitting, permanent or temporary in the Event.


The Midland Automobile Club have the power to order the removal of any item, or exhibitor who does not conform. The Organisers have the right to expel any person whose presence in, in their opinion, prejudicial to the interests of the public, staff or event reputation. Respect to all visitors, other trade stand holders and event staff is expected. Racism, intimidation or bullying will not be tolerated.


The Organisers are not liable for any resulting loss of Exhibitors’ profit if the number of attendees to an Event are less than in previous years, or if the pitch recommended by the Event Organiser proves to be unsuccessful.


Should the applicant wish to withdraw his application, this must be done in writing 6 weeks prior to the event (subject to a 25% cancellation fee). After this date the full stand fee will be charged.


  • SATURDAY - Trade Stand

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  • SUNDAY - Trade Stand

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  • WEEKEND - Trade Stand

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