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In its simplest form hill climbing is a competition to get from the bottom of the hill to the top as quick as you can.

In relation to Shelsley Walsh that is 1000yards with a 1:7 rise at its steepest point with drivers reaching speeds of up to 140mph.

A major hill climb may have an entry of more than 150 drivers, but the event is usually a qualifying round of more than one competition.

Some drivers (especially drivers of less powerful cars) will not be entered for the British Championship itself.

Those who are, and who record a time in the top twelve of all those eligible, compete in a “run-off” at the end of each set of class runs (there are two such sets of class runs at each event). In a run-off, drivers tackle the hill in reverse order of their qualifying times, although where two drivers share a car, the slower qualifier competes at the start of the run-off session.

The person who sets the fastest time receives 10 British Championship points, the second-fastest driver nine, and so on down to the tenth-placed driver, who gets one. The 11th and 12th-placed drivers, and any who fail to complete the course, receive no points. An extra point is given to any driver in the run-off who breaks the outright hill record as it stood at the beginning of the day.


You can run anything from an ordinary roadgoing saloon (with no special equipment or tyres) to a full blown single-seater race car with the ‘full package’.

MAC has a reputation for putting competitors first and our friendly efficient officials make participating in an MAC event a pleasurable occasion.

Our Sprints take place at well known venues – all different in their own way. Sprints take place on flat, sealed surfaces with one, two or three cars running at any given time. There are normally two practice runs in the morning and two timed runs in the afternoon. There are also some events that have a handicap system to allow disadvantaged cars (power or age related) to have a chance of winning their class.

There are many classes to suit all types of car and all types of drivers including novices and first-timers. MAC is always happy to guide new competitors from enquiry through to their first event including obtaining their first Competition license and the process for this.

In 2016, The Midland Automobile Club introduced a brand new championship, The Sunrise Sprint Championship, with eligible rounds at all of the MAC Sprints.


Sporting trials are not about speed. The aim of a trial is to drive up a laid out section without stopping.
There are 10 sections, marked with numbered poles, to form a twisty route up a grassy hillside. The numbers go from 12 at the bottom to zero (or clear) at the top. The further a driver gets up a section the lower the score and the driver with the lowest score of the day is the winner.

Each car has a passenger who moves their weight around to get the best possible traction on each wheel. The cars have very low tyre pressures at the rear, which means that the tyres have to be bolted on to the rims so as not to slide off, and motorcycle spoked wheels at the front.

The front wheels have an extreme steering lock. They are also equipped with “fiddle” brakes. These brakes are controlled by individual levers in the cockpit that are connected to the rear left and rear right. This enables a unique kind of skid steer. When used together the steering and brake combined will enable the car to turn in its own length.

The Midland Automobile Club started running Sporting Trials again in the 1970s, at the instigation of Committee Members Peter Blankstone and Bob Dayson, amongst others.

Very few women drive in this branch of motor sport, but Margaret Blankstone was a successful competitor.

Various venues have been used by the Club over the years, and now our trial is held at Shelsley Walsh, which has the great assets of tarmac for parking, toilet facilities and the Courtyard Restaurant.

At one time sporting trials were shown on television, and reported on in the National Press. They are a very specific discipline, requiring different driving skills to anything else, and a notable failure was Stirling Moss!


Whether it is for a new car, a prototype, magazine test, or a race car the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb can be hired for private testing in a secure environment with our experienced marshals on hand to keep you safe throughout your test.

With its variety of track features the famous hill will test most vehicles from the gentle rise off the start and through Kennel to the steep rise from Members to The Esses and then the twisty nature of the Ess bends and the flat out straight to the finish line there is plenty of character to put your vehicle through its paces.

A number of automotive manufacturers and publications have used the venue as test location.

For details on hiring the hill climb and to discuss your requirements please get in touch.

Tel: 01886 812 211


Experience Days at the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb provide you with the opportunity to drive the famous 1000 yard hill climb in your own car with like minded friends and colleagues.


Whether you want a full day, half day or a couple of hours, we can tailor your experience to suit the number of cars, guests and budget, with our team of qualified instructors and staff we can make your day at Shelsley Walsh an experience to remember.


The Courtyard Restaurant can cater for all your catering needs from an arrival breakfast, through to lunch and afternoon tea. To discuss your requirements please get in touch and we would be happy to help.

Tel: 01886 812 211


What better location for entertaining your clients and guest than in the picturesque surroundings of the historic Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, with its stunning views, great location and amazing trackside facilities. We can offer a number of packages and locations for you to entertain your clients and guests either at a motorsport event or as a stand alone event.

Booking hospitality with us, you are not only guaranteed a great location on the day but also a high level of support from our experienced team. If you are interested in hosting a company day out please contact us with your requirements so we can help you have a memorable day.

To make a booking or find out more please call 01886 812211

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